When-You-Can’t-Do-It anymore

When You Can’t Do It Anymore

I’m facing recently quite a difficult period in my life, a time when I had to join two funerals of meaningful people within two week time (one I another country), have some business challenges, very low energy, and things are generally not going the way, I’d like. That made many people asking me some questions and sharing lots of admiration about how I cope with all this, having additionally two kids on board. Well, I can’t say it is easy, but there are several things I have been working on for many years to make me where I am now and think & act in the way that allows me to face that kind of moments and keep moving on. In these times of “I can’t do it anymore” I bring back all the wins (even the smallest ones!), moments of happiness, and immediately feel better.

And I know that most breakthroughs come just beyond the moment of giving up.

Yes!! So, when you are just about to give up or throw in the towel, please remember, you are almost there whatever you are aiming for! And there are much more good things for you out there! I feel like sharing all this, and I hope it will be an added value to you personally! The key to success in this whole situation is that I have been building my inner strength consistently over the last years, very consciously. How? I decided to stop thinking of what negative happened in my past and focused on “here and now” while planning the future as well. I focused on short-term goals above all, which helped me to move forward, one step at a time slowly reaching the long-term goal. I keep writing even the smallest achievements because there are a lot of them if you pay attention to and stay grateful for it. But I also know that we do not see it very often, focusing mostly on what didn’t work. I highly recommend to change it!  I play to my TOP strengths, as I believe God granted me those to be put in use and serve others. And I keep my focus on them while investing in my competences. Continuously. I also decided to say ‘goodbye’ to all negative people from my surroundings, people who unfortunately do not wish me well, say unflattering things behind my back. I made room for new, valuable personal and business contacts instead. What a win! And most importantly, I take responsibility for my life and don’t wait for miracles to happen. I am bold and proactive. I ask for help and support as I’m not made of steel.

I changed my mindset, rebuilt my beliefs system about what I think about myself and others. Because your mind is a place where you make decisions, choose your thoughts, store memories, collect data about life happenings and evaluate yourself, and your capabilities. And yes, it is not easy at all! Changing the way of thinking, confronting yourself, getting rid of all the negatives you have believed in for years, putting aside excuses, starting to make choices that serve you better – it’s pretty uncomfortable and requires courage, consistency, determination and above all, support from others! 

Maybe what I write here is not comfortable for all.  But I’m not here to satisfy everyone. I am here to tell my truth and inspire others to take life in their own hands. To make a lead, to be fulfilled and consciously build their happiness as it doesn’t happen for itself. The decision is yours, and if you want to change something in your life, career or business, you will have to start doing things differently which will be most of the time somewhat uncomfortable. Because it would mean doing something new, overcoming your resistance, and facing weaknesses. I decided to follow a more difficult route, although I could take a shortcut and be comfortable. I prefer ambitious roads that require a lot from me. Because of that, I feel that I’m alive and use my potential. But it’s worth it! Believe me.

So, my dear here is my message to you not to give up! There is always something better waiting for you to be discovered!

*  Be open to new challenges and keep your eyes open.
*  Believe in yourself and dare to do more.
*  Stop worrying because you will not change anything with worry. It’s better to focus on what you have a real impact on and start doing it.
*  Work on improving yourself (don’t mix it up with ‘changing yourself’!!) in the areas you feel it’s needed, fulfill your dreams, do not be afraid to take a chance. 
*  Be yourself, play according to your values, go your own way, pursue your dreams! Life is too short & beautiful – you are worth it!
*  Seek help where necessary. Don’t do it alone!
*  Express your opinions – don’t be afraid of judgement or rejection! People will have their ideas anyway! You can’t satisfy everyone. Most of the people do not take up the challenge because they are afraid of failure. They choose their comfort zone well known for years. They do not rise, because it would mean doing something new.

I know that many of you out there are searching for new solutions to rising in their career, have a more fulfilled life but feel stuck in where they are. But remember, that each of you has a choice, which then has consequences. What will be yours to move on? Let me know!

If you want to build your personal leadership from the inside out and get where you want to be, you have my support at every stage. Please let me know how I can serve you by making an appointment, clicking on the link below.

To your success!

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