EUROPEAN WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY Conference – RAI Amsterdam – November 2018

There were 150+ amazing speakers from all over the world and you will get this unique opportunity to learn from 100+ sessions of empowering keynotes and career-elevating personal development workshops, and of course get deep insight into the latest industry trends. I held workshops on both days: 28 Nov at 16:20h and 29 Nov at 12:05h – topic: ‘Break The Habits that Hold You Back from Moving to the Next Level’. Additionally, on Day 2, I was a part of the Career Advice & CV Clinic where I will assist professionals with their questions about career progression.

I feel blessed with this great conference European Women in Technology in Amsterdam RAI where over 3000 women gathered together to share, support, learn and inspire! It was a wonderful experience to interact with so many female ambitious go-getters and lead those two workshops ‘Break the Habits Holding You Back from Moving to the Next Level’ for about 120 ladies, give some career advice and be a part of a documentary being made by a wonderful French film director.

I was entirely in my element & hearing that it was an enormous added value for a lot of ladies, lining up to say THANK YOU, was the confirmation that my work is meaningful and needs to be continued! I wish I had more time, there was so much more I wanted to share. But it was great fun & to do that I had to get out of my comfort zone! I love what I do, and yes, women rock!!! I’m looking forward to serving some of them in their companies!

Special thank you to Snezana Zivcevska-Stalpers & Marta Twardowska and many other beautiful people for your support! Grateful!

The below is a short video capturing some highlights from the conference

And my message to you all is: If you get a chance and think you are not ready for it, just grab it and you will figure out how to do it later! 

Here below is one of the participant’s feedback, confirming again that I need to continue what I have been doing for more than three years – supporting women in growth:

“Dear Alena, I am happy that I attended your workshop. I could see your passion and feel how much you care for other women’s success throughout your workshop. I think I should share with you why I liked your workshop and why you should continue your work: Because your workshop was very authentic and the materials were original. I found a lot of value in your training and I look forward to working with you and learn from you in future again. Thank you. Liza (Mcs, PhD, MBA)”

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