Awarded The Leader in Leadership Coaching

There are such moments in your life and business that you want to give up, are tired, aren’t sure anymore, it’s difficult with no light in a tunnel and you face some failures on the way. But somehow you find strength, perseverance, courage to stand up and keep on going! Yesterday I met hundreds of such women – courageous business owners, go-getters, who despite many obstacles grow their businesses, follow their heart & passion and succeed!! It was great to have met these women and learn a lot from them! πŸ”₯

It was my privilege to join the X Polish Businesswomen Awards Gala in Warsaw, my motherland, where I was awarded The Leader in Leadership Coaching. I was joyful and humbled that my work, passion, achievements, all the efforts, and very often not an easy path, have been appreciated. The cherry on the cake was meeting my icon, eminent psychologist Professor Jacek Santorski, whose work in the field of business psychology & leadership I have been admiring for ages. It was also beautiful to share the stage with such powerful and accomplished ladies as Grazyna Torbicka, Beata Tadla and Mariola Bojarska-Ferenc. Thank you again, ElΕΌbieta Olimpia Jeznach & Businesswoman&Life magazine for this nomination, thank you ALL (husband, family, friends, partners!) for your support, voting and understanding! BIG thank you to my clients and partners for believing in me and your trust! It all wouldn’t be possible without you! I’m thrilled and will do my best to provide even better service, as I think that we can grow better every day and share all the best we have πŸ™The evening was terrific – lots of beautiful people, the phenomenal concert of Kasia Stankiewicz, fashion shows & professional lead by MC, Mr Jacek Borkowski. It was fun and a pleasure! Congratulations to ALL winners! πŸ₯‚πŸ’ WOMEN ROCK!!

So, my message to all the women out there is simply this – you are unique, you are talented, and you can do it! πŸš€ The world is waiting for you the way you are! Go, pursue your dreams, dare to lead and conquer what is meant for YOU πŸ’› Good luck!