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Transformational Career Coaching PROGRAM

‘IGNITE YOUR CAREER’ – this brand, new program is for you, a woman who is excited to unleash her full self into the world and get clarity on a career that fits her ambitions, desires, strengths and is yet realistic! She feels she needs some support and accountability to make it happen.

Personal Mentoring

Personal Leadership Mentoring INTENSIVE

An excellent choice if you feel stuck with a certain career issue and want to get going in your personal or professional life. It is designed for a committed woman who desires to speed up her No1 PRIORITY along with the expert guidance plan on how to follow through.

Training & Workshops

I provide interactive training and workshops designed to build personal leadership and soft skills for women who want to get out of their comfort zone, get visible in the workplace and get more clarity on their next career steps.

Change Your Life

Get Clarity on Your Next Career Steps!