Transformational Career Coaching Program

If you see yourself in one of these situations...

You are in a career transition or you are contemplating a career change.

You feel stuck at your current workplace with no satisfaction and exciting opportunities.

You are asking yourself if you are suited for running your own business.

You are wondering if you need a change of career, a different employer, or perhaps just a different approach.

You in a risk group to get redundant sometime soon and you want to be well prepared.

You in a risk group to get redundant sometime soon and you want to be well prepared.

You are thinking about a completely fresh start and want to do something that has more meaning than what you do now.

You have never had time to sit down and had a good review of your career and life direction.

You are done with watching others getting promoted, but you often hear the voice of your inner critic saying that you are not good enough/professional enough, not knowledgeable enough that you won’t make it?

You are tired of hiding in the background and you feel you don't fully present your brilliance...

"Alena inspires by example. It still resonates in my ears: “Zdenka, give yourself permission and practice self-actualization,” she emphasized a few times. I chose Alena as my coach after seeing her performing at different venues. She has not only the professional knowledge on how to help to redefine and find your purpose again but also her personal experience made our coaching sessions lively and valuable. Because Alena knows and feels well what her clients go through. Alena’s emotional intelligence is powerful; however, she will also put you “in front of the mirror” to make you realize your strengths and area of improvements. I would recommend her as a leadership mentor and (change) career path coach"
Zdenka de Booij
Business/Account Development Manager; Customer Success


Having an expert who went through massive career transitions herself. guiding you through the STRUCTURED PROCESS.

Exploring your work and life background in a deep way.

Getting clarity on who You are and what You want and how best to achieve it.

Defining what you enjoy and what you are passionate about, your transferable skills and strengths and how to market them.

‘Reality check’ – making an initial consideration of resources and obstacles.

Having a great CV and having the confidence to go for it.

Becoming recognized and visible in your professional environment.

Feeling relief after overcoming anything that used to stop you from moving forward.

Having the right focus and taking action daily, so you do what you need to do.

Releasing the mental blockages and limiting beliefs & creating a new system of supportive beliefs, habits, and growth mindset.

Having an action plan for yourself aligned with your vision, values, skills, personality, and desires.

Identify the options available and how to evaluate them.

"Alena quickly identified central issues in the multilayered coaching process, supported me to get unstuck and create new ideas to take forward. With passion, ease and flair, she helped me clarify my professional future direction, which is priceless. Together we drew an action plan to make things happen. I am of all times happy and have a sense of fulfilment. Alena is an outstanding communicator and results-driven professional who executes very well all the challenges. She is naturally interested in people, extremely good at listening and getting a commitment from others. Besides her professional skills, I admire her personal qualities of being open-minded, fair, funny and considerate. I recommend Alena to all professionals who want to connect with their TRUE SELF and take the next step in their career"
Agnieszka Pisarek
Operations Supervisor at WTS Energy


Truly empowering and structured process leading to decision-making and taking action.

Resolves problems of being stuck and help you gain clarity on your career direction.

A transformation where YOU, as a powerful woman, will be held accountable for.

My full commitment to transform your both professional & personal life.


 A four phase framework which enables you to have a structured guidance to reflect on who you are, where have you been and where you are now; identify key factors for future work satisfaction; expand ideas and possibilities; prepare the groundwork and take action.

Duration: 7 coaching sessions (90-min each) so that you are supported every step of the process; we will take a deep dive into your unique career goals, desires, options and obstacles.

Exercises, tools (questionnaires, assessments) and assignments to get the best out of your self-reflection process and gain clarity for your next career steps

Action plan to be implemented immediately so that you can move forward in your most desired direction.

Availability (email/WhatsApp) so that you receive support during most challenging moments.

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