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                                                                          I am happy you are here!

Helping women thrive in professional and personal life is a privilege and my zone of genius! It all started with going through career transitions myself and realizing that there are many women out there also feeling stuck and confused with ‘what’s next for me’. And I know for sure that this kind of situation does not benefit anyone!

I hold a Sociology degree (specialization Psychosociology) with Honors and Human Resources Management Post Graduate diploma. I gained nearly twenty years of experience in various industries in Poland and The Netherlands, performing different roles from a management assistant to a senior recruiter to a training manager. I keep the best professional standards by continuously upgrading my credentials.

Here are my key professional credentials (among others):

Career Coaching/Counselling – License and Certification awarded by leading Career Counselling Services, London, UK. An AC accredited award in coach training. 
Academic Coach & Counsellor – Diploma awarded by Academy for Coaching and Counselling, The Hague, The Netherlands
Women in Leadership, Executive Education – Certification awarded by Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University, The Netherlands
Human Resources Management – Post Graduate Diploma from AGH University of Science and Technology, Cracow, Poland 

Coach-Mentor-Consult – Certification awarded by Starway Institute, Warsaw, Poland.


In The Netherlands, after spending a decade in the corporate world and out of passion for personal development, I started my coaching and training company, Empowered For Future, to support professionals in their growth and work/life satisfaction. Sharing my expertise, energy and toolkit to make a difference gives me lots of fulfilment. I was awarded the Leader in Leadership Coaching in the X Polish Businesswomen Awards by the prestigious ‘Businesswoman & Life’ magazine. I’m also the finalist of the Freelancer of the Year 2019 Awards in The Netherlands. It was a significant distinction for my contribution to women empowerment activities. 

I am passionate about supporting ambitious women professionals to shine their light, build new habits, and make a real difference in their lives & careers – to be simply HAPPY!

"I feel blessed to having Alena as my career coach. Alena guides me on how to structure my thoughts, how to determine what is important for me so I can spend my energy and focus wisely. It is very nice, and I would say necessary every couple of years to inventory "yourself" - your skills, values, preferences, interests, etc. For me, this is an eye-opener. I value Alena especially her professionalism, structured approach and truly personal attention she is giving to our lessons."
Adela Jileckova
Manager Business Change at NN Investment Partners

My story

From a comfortable yet unsatisfying role in the corporate world to a successful business owner and happy mother & wife.

After working successfully for a large training company in Poland as a Training Manager and Senior Recruiter, leading teams of people and managing Human Resources Development projects, I moved to the Netherlands for love. After my husband and I met, I left everything behind – my family, friends, work & social status, and have lived and worked in this great country for 16 years now. I performed various roles with success but my passion was somewhere else!

I always enjoyed working with people A LOT! I can easily connect with people of any kind and can specifically understand professionals coming from different countries to live and work here. Over time, I experienced a pattern that women with creative ideas, incredible talent, and aspiration underplayed their own value and brilliance. Naturally, I was a shining example of that pattern, so I decided to break it. It took me some time to work on it, but this intense transformational process paid off


Following that, I decided to complete an education in coaching and training, following career coaching/counselling credentials to support people in their personal and professional development while raising two lovely daughters and doing some voluntary jobs. And yes, it was not easy! But fast forward to today, I’ve coached female professionals at various company levels including executive and non-executive leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants, and coaches. I conducted tens of training on communication, leadership, goal setting, visibility, self-confidence, and motivation for individuals, corporate, and non-profit organizations in the Netherlands. I traveled around Europe and spoke publicly on women empowerment, personal leadership, and female business building. 
And it is a true privilege for me! 

I know that living your values every day makes your life easier, more fulfilled, and allows you to operate with integrity. My core values are family, faith, professionalism, personal development, empowerment, optimism, responsibility, humor, and autonomy – I’m guided by them in my business every day. 

I’m passionate about Latin dancing, hiking, personal development, reading great biographies, and spending quality time with my husband, two lovely daughters and friends (with a glass of delicious Prosecco!)

Let’s connect!

"I met Alena at the point in my life when I was looking for a career change but struggled to fully articulate the goal which would give me the most satisfaction and was not based on too many compromises. I have attended Alena’s Personal Development Academy dedicated to women, as well as had few individual coaching sessions. Working with a passionate and positive woman, that has development and achievement in her core DNA, just like myself, appeared to be a breaking through experience. Alena is a very professional and business savvy coach, with lots of experience and passion to help others to achieve their goals. The tools, our conversations, suggestions of the literature – all these components were very well selected and prepared. The entire process boosted my confidence, delivered a lot of clarity and gave me a lot of peace and internal happiness. I highly recommend Alena as a coach, trainer or mentor to any entrepreneur or business organization that wants to invest in its people."
Magdalena Andrzejewska
Global Senior Brand Manager, Akzo Nobel
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