It is an excellent choice if you feel stuck with a certain issue and want to get going in your personal or professional life.
 It is designed for a committed woman who desires to speed up her No1 PRIORITY along with the expert guidance plan on how to follow through as her life and career depended on it! Because they do!

If you...

Seek clarity and direction for your next career step, but you don't know where to start.

Feel like everyone else is getting a promotion, but you (need more visibility!).

Are disappointed at the slow pace of your professional progress.

Are ready to drop the burden of your unfinished agenda.

Feel that you are not focused on what you are supposed to.

Have the impression that you can do much more than to date...

"Positivity, professionalism, dynamism and a sense of humour are the key traits of Alena. She is a great encourager who brings out the best in others by guiding, inspiring and empowering them to achieve their full potential. She is on a mission to help ambitious women to gain clarity on their future career paths: defining their value and determining a strategy to match their ambitions and exploring current opportunities and trends. I highly recommend Alena."
Anna Cholewinska
Senior Operational Auditor at Nederlandse Spoorwegen


Having a mentor expert guiding you through your bold goal.

Having a clear focus in your life/career that makes you feel safe and on track

Realize the difference between the person “I must be” vs “I deserve to be”.

Staying ahead of your game without falling behind.

Finally, getting “IT” done so that you feel accomplished and satisfied.

Being able to start to develop your goals and learning actions quickly.

Coaching with Alena gave me much needed clarity, optimism and more determination what resulted in the new job position I was dreaming of, coming to me shortly after we concluded our sessions- it is a great feeling to know that on this new journey I know where to go for coaching and support - this makes me feel much more confident. Alena definitely is a master in her profession and you can see that she has a big talent and an amazing set of skills you cannot find that easy and not all coaches or trainers have. Her uplifting, fantastic energy immediately gave me a boost of optimism and hope. Her very professional, structured approach, personal engagement and her big heart put into supporting me on my development journey made our coaching sessions a moment I was waiting for impatiently. In moments of doubts, I remind myself of some of the things Alena's shared with me and I know I am on the right path. I recommend Alena- amazing professional and fantastic, charismatic woman- with my whole heart"
Agnieszka Sulicka-Faverey
Digitalization and Customer Experience Manager at Stora Enso Biomaterials


Resolves problems with getting unstuck and clarifying your goals.

Truly empowering coaching experience.

A coach who provides guidance, support and, most importantly, holds you accountable.


An in-depth welcome packet for you to complete so that you can receive a bespoke plan for your unique VIP experience adapted to your needs

Duration: 4 HOURS Intensive Mentoring Session so that you are fully supported during the dynamic implementation of your NO#1 priority.

An interactive tool to rate your sense of satisfaction with life/career categories so that you know exactly where to begin.

Action plan to be implemented immediately so that you can clearly move forward towards your goal.

Being aware of and releasing limitations; additionally creating a new system of supportive beliefs, mindset, habits to help you get ahead.

One 30 min. follow-up online session so that you receive support during the implementation of your bespoke action plan.

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