Planning 2019 strategically

It’s almost end of the year, and I can’t believe it passed sooo fast. For me, it was the year filled with some significant biz challenges (successes and failures!) but also substantial progress concerning personal and professional development. After running my business for 3+ years now, it was clear to me that working with company professionals gives me more fulfillment than working with small business owners. That automatically made me adjust my current business model. I found it revitalizing and, of course, it required from me getting some new skills and starting to act in a business world differently. And because being a business owner means constant change I didn’t hesitate to tune up and go where my heart & my intuition tells me to. I advise you to do the same!

Last 2 months were busy with strategic planning for 2019. Goodbye, old year; it’s time to charge ahead! The best of my intentions I tried to combine with a beautiful vision, and set out to conquer the world, with high, wild enthusiasm! Yes! But both, you & I, have to remember that there can be a significant reality gap between our vision and actions we take as very often the next year comes and goes, and we have failed to move closer to our dream. And we don’t want it, do we? So, ask yourself: does my plan for 2019 to support my great vision? Can be a bit scary but in my opinion, it’s crucial. 

Strategic planning for 2019 should be the first step in taking you from where you are right now to where you want to be. It should align you, your focus and activity to reach your dream. Will your 2019 plans and actions move you forward?

Look at three below questions I wrote for you to help position yourself for success and stay focused instead of wasting your time and all the resources (believe me, I was there too and act carefully now!).

1. What is your big, long-term goal, your vision for yourself? Where do you want to be? Is your intent to progress significantly in your career or maybe start your own business? Listen to yourself with patience and open heart. Be very clear about your end game. Because it’s simple: if you don’t know where you are going, you will probably never get there. It would be a waste of everything in the process. And based upon your big goal, what is your 3-year goal? Where do you need to be in three years from now, to be still on track? What level of performance do you need at the 3-year mark? And then ask yourself to reach this 3-year goal, what is your most critical goal? What do you need to incorporate into your strategic planning for 2019? What actions do you need to take, what skills to learn? What steps do you need to make as of now? Evaluate your status. Focus on the path to your success, and not on the distractions as it can be tricky! It happened to me many times focusing too much on goals that were relatively easy and didn’t bring me much further. But the lesson has been learned and I plan much better!

And ask yourself what your commitment is as it’s crucial! Are you willing (and are able) to meet your action plan? If you are not committed to action, make adjustments. Alternatively, you may decide to revise your ultimate goal. Like I did. Always be honest with yourself. Don’t be afraid. We all change, the world is changing on its own, and it’s not wise to stick to something which doesn’t work for you. Remember, the choice is always yours!

2. What obstacles do you predict in achieving your most critical goal for 2019? Are they informational, financial, or maybe something else? Try to specify as many challenges possible. Ask yourself how you will overcome these? What actions will you take and what strategies apply? Will you need to do some extensive research, or maybe gain a new skill set? Think carefully about it.

3. What specific actions are required from you? Don’t forget to set clear deadlines to stick to. What milestones do you need to reach, and when, to attain your most critical goal this year? This is your action plan for 2019. Be ambitious but realistic at the same time (like with everything, I guess). Remember you still must keep up with day-to-day activities, as well as taking the time for rest and recharge.

It is also good to remind yourself that activity does not always equal progress, as an action which in line with your big goal will not help you reach that goal. It is crucial to know your ultimate end game and ensure that 2019 (and every year!), your annual strategic plan takes you closer to where you ultimately want to be in your life, career or business.

Wishing you ALL THE BEST in 2019 and may your strategic planning be aligned with your heart and vision for yourself & your life! Cheers!

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