3rd company anniversary! YAY!

I can’t believe it has already been 3 years since I’ve started my business, Hielema Coaching! Time flies!! Ohh, it has been a very enriching experience both personal and professional with significant success but also a number of failures (read: learning lessons where I was out of alignment, choosing a wrong biz model, so booking pretty poor results. But yes, the show must go on and you need to stop doing what didn’t work, focus on what worked well and keep doing that even more!! I’ve got to know lots of beautiful people but there are also people who naturally disappeared from my circle. And that’s fine, that’s a learning process, that’s just life – embrace it and move on

I want especially to thank ALL my clients who gave me a chance & benefited from my services, and some special people, partners, role models, mentors for believing/trusting in me, giving me many opportunities to show up, collaborate and use my best qualities as a coach, mentor, speaker, or trainer to be able to help others change their lives, move on in careers or elevate their businesses. I had a privilege to be surrounded by wonderful brains & hearts who helped me understand myself better, kicked my butt (literally!) when times went tough, heard me crying and who eventually helped me get to a whole new level in business. I had to switch the gears (and my message is: DON’T BE AFRAID of doing it!) and get out of my comfort zone to be able to serve my clients even better! And there are people who tirelessly cheer on me and for whom I’m a role model (and awww!! to hear this kind of statements is so rewarding!!!) Staying positive & optimistic, keeping the faith, adjusting the course where necessary, constantly learning & being surrounded by great people helped me keep on moving! Thank you All for your grace and kindness!

I’m eternally grateful for this experience and looking forward to a new chapter which opened up to expose myself to a much larger professional audience in companies setting! YAY!!

My dears, as from now on I will definitely be more active on LinkedIn, so if you are not connected yet, please do so & stay tuned! Thank you & cheers to ALL of you! 

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