NetApp EMEA Women in Tech - Personal Leadership Program - Be Visible and Rise

NetApp EMEA Women in Tech – Personal Leadership Program – Be Visible and Rise – session II

Thank you NetApp for the 2nd session of the ‘Personal Leadership Program – Be Visible and Rise’ for Women In Technology EMEA group! What a day it was – beautiful but challenging at the same time! It was a privilege to share my knowledge and experience on some habits like feeling too much (emotions, words, disclosure), using minimizing words, qualifiers, nonwords, minimizing your work/position and also famous ImposterSyndrome. Exercises, discussions and different point of views – that made it a vibrant experience!

Thank you Francesca Pennacchio Caristo for inviting me to this amazing project! Thank you all for your participation, valuable insights and engagement! I’m humbled and look forward to the next session in February! Many trainers are often concerned about being likeable by a whole group. I learnt from my mentor (20+ years of experience) – if this happens, it’s an excellent bonus to you! The most critical aspect of this job is to make people feel a better person every time they leave a classroom & aware of what impedes their progress. To motivate and inspire them to get rid of habits that hold them back and propose new solutions & tools supporting them in professional and personal life. I know that my life work is to learn to put a light in places where it’s dark!

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