10th Annual TEDx Amsterdam Women – State of Mind

The 10th Annual TEDx AmsterdamWomen took place – the evening was so much fun, full of emotions and filled with the inspiring audience gathered in the KIT Royal Tropical Institute in Amsterdam.

Enthusiasm & inspiration were everywhere – in the audience, excellent performances and amazing speakers sharing their wisdom, experience and ideas worth spreading. I enjoyed all the talks, personal stories & on top of that, I admired women for showing their vulnerability.

Hanneke Wigman, Psychology and Psychiatry Professor spoke about her research into early childhood psychoses, what the causes are, and what we can do to prevent them, Märtha Louise, daughter of the King and Queen of Norway, spoke about State of Mind in the Norwegian Royal family, and how being a woman changed her path and a phenomenal Edna Adan Ismail, ex-Foreign Minister of Somaliland, Activist spoke about her work on women’s rights and efforts to end female genital mutilation (to name a few!)

Lots of food for thought!

‘If you have a better understanding of who you are, you can change the state of mind.’ It truly was a night to remember.

Thank you to all great volunteers for organizing this memorable event!

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