How to Bring Positive Energy In Your Life

Last Saturday I passed my first figure skating exams. I am proud of myself. Yes! I was the oldest in the group and did best; and yes, CLAIM YOUR ACHIEVEMENTS, it’s healthy!)  It’s been my dream for a long time, and finally, I found the time & started pursuing my passion! And I feel 10years younger. Yes, there were moments of doubts, and lot’s of falls, but I didn’t give up! Well, maybe I’m not Katarina Witt from Calgary Winter Olympics’ ”Carmen” performance, but, hey, you never know 🙂 

But to the point: after that people asked me what I do that I have this vibrant, positive energy they would love to possess too, but they don’t! Well, it’s partly my personality but next to that I think it is the question of your priorities but even more important is how you use positive energy to succeed! It is my daily routine to keep it going, and I believe that everyone can master that as well! And by the way, I also have some down days 🙂 but accept it, allow myself to go through it and most of all, observe myself and learn from it!

So I gave it a thought and decided to make a video for you and talk about the things that came to my mind and are crucial to staying positive, develop, move on, be satisfied and succeed in life and business!  

Here is the link to the video! Enjoy watching and share your experience and tips with us!

So, my dear, remember, it’s never too late to change yourself and anything and most of all, to follow your dreams! Follow my 3P model = passion, patience & perseverance, and you will see magic happening! 

Do you resonate? Are you suffering from that and don’t know how to build this energy, this momentum? Don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary call to discuss it.

Thank you for reading my emails and giving me a chance to serve you the best way I can! As you deserve it!

I wish you lots of positivity!

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