YOUR plans for 2021!

The beginning of 2021 is a beautiful moment to think about changing something, setting some new plans and dream bigger! But I agree that over time that it’s NOT easy to complete these over time!

  • Do you feel like you make some New Year’s plans, but it doesn’t work?
  • Do you feel like after while you lose your motivation?
  • Do you feel like something is holding you back from reaching these goals, but you can’t describe what that exactly is?

Well, I hear you! I was there too for a long time and did many things in the wrong way until I learned that there are some necessary components to achieve your desired goals, and I would love to share it with you today.  

I work very often with my clients on setting up goals, and from my own & clients’ experience, I can easily conclude that to make your plans for a new year successfully, you need to take some things into account. So here we go:

  • It has to be YOUR goal that needs to be aligned with YOUR values & vision! Many times while talking with ladies, I see they plan something because it was achieved by her friends, or it’s trendy or demanded by their social context (family/workplace/social groups). Wrong!! It needs to be YOURS, and you MUST feel it with every single part of your body! It needs to bring you joy and fun just thinking about it (I know, I know, maybe it will get somehow complicated on the way, but hey, the general feeling must keep you motivated)!
  • It has to be clear to you – a fuzzy dream doesn’t work; it needs to be sharp, ambitious, yet realistic. Start with one/two not to be overwhelmed and then keep on adding!
  • Don’t forget to celebrate all the small successes gained on the way and try to analyze failures treating them as learning lessons!
  • It has to bring something positive not only in your life but the lives of others one way or another!
  • It would help if you shared it with people you trust to keep you accountable and supported (this is my MUST!) 

For me, 2020 looks super inspiring but very demanding at the same time. I plan an online course launch, leading open workshops, a book launch, strategic partnerships with organizations and significant income increase). And, yes, it’s pretty challenging, right? But very motivating for me to do & impact people in a better way than I’m doing now!

And I’m sure that these simple yet profound tips will lead you (and me too!) to the successful completion of your plans!

A question to you – What are YOUR plans for 2021 and your success receipt on having those achieved?

I wish you all the best with reaching YOUR stars in 2020, and this new decade in general!

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