You Are Perfectly Enough!

I spent a wonderful weekend with friends from Poland, and one of the subjects that strongly came up (as one of the friends was a female CEO) was about us, women being concerned with ‘what others think’ that usually results in compromising their dreams and very often wholly losing themselves. Hm, I was there myself in a job that was far below my qualifications, where I felt unfulfilled and wondering what other people will say if I quit and set up my own small business while having a family, being a foreigner and so on.  

And on top of that, for many years one of my fears was that others would see me as arrogant. Yes! Well, that comes already from childhood, I guess – we as girls, are usually taught to deflect praise. We tend to apologize for our accomplishments (!!) and try to fit in by downplaying our brilliance. And when we are adult women, that’s why we are willing to hide our light. So, instead of being filled with all the great passion and purpose that enables you to offer your best to the world, you empty yourself to silence your critics. Do you recognize yourself in it? 

The truth is that people in your life who are not wishing you well, who don’t understand & believe in you, the naysayers, can never be fully satisfied. And it doesn’t matter if you shine or hide, here is why: they will always feel somehow threatened because they don’t believe THEY are enough. And please stop paying attention to them. Right now! Every time you suppress a part of yourself or allow others to play you small, you are ignoring yourself! 

But YOU are enough!
You are created not to shrink down to less but to blossom into more.
To be more extraordinary. To be more magnificent! 

For me, it took some work to learn how to believe in my power. To understand that I’m not arrogant, but I know my value, show up my talents, showcase accomplishments to inspire others, stand for what I believe in and last but not least that I’m able to say NO to whatever feels not serving me or others well. The same I wish for you, all splendid women out there, specifically those in business who continuously think that men are and deserve more. 

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