Women in Leadership – amazing experience!

As you know I’m a life-long learner. I just can’t help it as I’m sure that the more you learn (and apply of course!) the more conscious of your life & business choices you become. So my dear, recently I joined a 2-day transformational & hands-on training course ‘Women in Leadership’ organized at the Erasmus Centre for Women and Organisations which was lead by Dorothy Grandia and Dianne Bevelander. It was a really amazing experience – the group of fantastic women from different industries/businesses sharing their insights, advice and having fun together – priceless!

I have significantly upgraded my knowledge and skills & got massively inspired so that I can serve my clients in a much better way. Had a coaching session yesterday and could feel much more confidence & energy applied! The topics we covered were closely related to what I’m facing on a regular basis while working with executives,  business owners, managers or simply women aspiring to lead. Well, you think you know a lot but joining such kind of training clearly shows you that there is still a lot to accomplish hah!

We spoke about leadership styles, what makes you a great leader so that people want to be led by you, in life or business, and believe me, there were very thought-provoking exercises and discussions! There was a lot uncovered about the importance of the network, how to communicate to get your point across & build your confidence and what needs to be done on a gender gap to make more possibilities for women in business to lead! I again closely checked on my work & life values which helped me navigate my business more in the alignment of who I am and what vision I have – excellent!

I was confirmed over and over again how important it is for women to support each other to thrive, to always say something positive about another woman, to be less efficient but more effective, and finally to build a posse – support female group to have each other’s back! Let’s start today, ladies! 

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