WOMEN BUSINESS NETWORK at ERASMUS UNIVERSITY Rotterdam – ‘Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs’

7th November I had a pleasure to give a workshop on “How to Overcome SELF-LIMITING BELIEFS and get the result you deserve” for 27 management students, members of the Women’s Business Network at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.  The purpose of the workshop was to create increased awareness of self-limiting beliefs and what thoughts and feelings prevent you from moving forward as well as giving easy to use tools to overcome these and become a high achiever. 

Specifically, they delved into how to transform fear by stepping up:
• Recognize, counter & challenge most common self-limiting beliefs women leaders face
• Learn to use some easy tools to get out of their own way
• Learn some ‘Confidence Sparks’ – simple yet powerful exercises and techniques that can help you in your career

A note for the organizer: “It was an engaged audience during the Alena Hielema Business Coach workshop about Self Limiting Beliefs that hold women back in life and more specifically in their career. It was beautiful to see how many young females came out to learn more about overcoming issues that they face now and will face in the future in their life and carreer. Being aware of these limiting beliefs is step one in overcoming them! We will be sharing some slides from Alena’s workshop soon to inform those who couldn’t join as well. A big thank you to Alena! “

Thank you, that was my pleasure, WBN! I wish you the best of luck with your endeavors!

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