Why Failure Is Your Best Friend

Hello, my friends,

Here is my article featured on Woman of Influence, hope it will inspire you a bit!

“I’m a proud mother of two lovely girls. A mother who believes in her capacity and confidently builds her business supporting others to sell their brilliance. 

With ups and downs but with passion and drive. A courageous mother. 
But let’s get back in time to 2014 when I had a regular, well paid corporate job, but yet I felt unfulfilled. I was bored, not challenged and I didn’t perform as high as I used to because I didn’t have a drive.

There was something missing and I knew there was something bigger meant for me out there.
I wanted to help people build their life and career on their strengths, fulfill their potential and inspire them. That was always my jam confirmed by friends and family but never professionally used and monetized really. 
And on top of that lack of confidence held me back from starting my own business for a long time….

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