POLARIS NETWORK – Inspire & Impact Event -‘Overcome Your Limiting Beliefs’

The annual event organized by Polaris Network: 
“Inspire & Impact Together”  Women as 
Leaders; Get Inspired and Learn from Successful Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Coaches! 

I had a pleasure to give several workshops on “Limiting Beliefs – How to overcome it” during this event organized by Polaris Network in Amsterdam.

At this event, you will have a chance to meet seasoned corporate leaders, as well as young entrepreneurs, who will share their successes and failures, the choices they have made, but also their view on diversity and inclusion. Additionally, you can participate in 2 impactful workshops of your choice! 

Our own beliefs can have such an enormous impact on what we do and how we are perceived. Are you aware of your self-limiting beliefs? Do you know what prevents you from moving forward and being at your best? Is it that tiny little voice in your head saying that you don’t have what it takes? Or you don’t belong? Or you cannot succeed? Remember – If you say: ‘I CAN’T DO IT’ you won’t step up and will end up limiting yourself. The workshop will cover most common self-limiting beliefs that female leaders face as the Cinderella syndrome, “I don’t deserve to be where I’m now,” “Feeling responsible for what goes wrong but NOT for what goes right,” “Anything less than perfect is a failure” and others. You will learn how to transform fear by stepping up and by using ‘Confidence Sparks,’ simple but powerful exercises and techniques that can catapult your career to the next level.

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