IN TRANSITION – is it you, too?

I spent recent months talking to hundreds of women from different courses of life, various industries, and positions held. And most of them were going through significant transitions in their lives (personal or work related). And today I had a fabulous session with a lady who decided to redefine her career path after feeling depleted, stuck and without drive and enthusiasm. Therefore, I decided to write a brief post about it having a feeling that it can hopefully serve many of you out there who may be in the same position as her. And believe me, I was there also, some years ago redefining myself, my purpose, the impact I want to make, business and life in general. 

So, let me tell you first that transitions are not always smooth, comfortable, or predictable, but the more mindful you are in the experience, the easier it is to make conscious choices. Yes! Aware & conscious, these are my favourite words as myself I made so many wrong decisions not following my intuition and being in alignment with my desires. Transitions are essential to acknowledge. If you don’t manage the stages of the development, the change will control you. And I’m sure it’s not what you want, right? Transitions happen, my dear, they are inevitable, however, looking at each shift and facing the changes that are happening: interpersonally, emotionally, mentally, financially, and even spiritually in terms of expectations and realities are critically crucial for one’s overall well-being, happiness, and most of all, fulfilment!! Yes, FULFILMENT! As that is what we all want, right? 

There are several ways to manage a transition. You can ignore it; you can worry about it; however, my preferred way is to hire someone to ensure that you are dealing with all the changes, and planning for a smooth and effective transition. Yes! I was there too, and I’m happy I did it as having a professional at your side, leading you through the process is priceless. 

And expectations are critical. Unfulfilled expectations are one of the main reasons for general unhappiness. People compare themselves, and their state in life to others of similar age, or their unconscious expectations of themselves and they feel disappointed like they let themselves or others down. Ohh, my Lord, it was me too, continuously comparing myself with other professionals until I found my voice and message to go for a personal leadership which is crucial to be aware of and master to make a change and lead others. And why? Because it is very challenging to ask yourself questions and to actively listen to your feelings, thoughts, wishes, dreams, and hopes.

But it’s never too late to do it. It will always pay off.

Successful transitions have a vision of the future. The past does not define the future. And that’s what my lady today has clearly understood. Your history, achievements, experiences don’t identify you, and they only show you what your capability, strengths, talents are and how you can take it from there. You need to have a new vision for yourself, what makes you tick, what kind of impact you want to make, in what kind of work environment/values and what skills you want to infuse in it. As usual from the inside-out. 

Rather than yearning for the good old days, or lamenting about your present circumstances, instead formulate your vision, strategize your action plan, and set out to manifest a future that you want to step into. No one will do it for you. This inner work needs to be done by YOU, only. The master of yourself and your future. Period.
Your present transition may be visible or subtle. It may relate to your career, your relationship, your family, finances, or the next chapter of your life. Regardless of which transition you are in the middle of, step back, reflect, self-actualization and design your life from the inside out! 

What kind of transitions did you experience in your life and how did you deal with it? Please share with us so others can learn from it too. 

Do you resonate with it? Is it also you struggling with defining your future direction aligned with your talents, skills, and desires? If you need someone to assist you, don’t hesitate to contact me and set up a complimentary call here:

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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