If something is meant for you it WON’T pass you by!

Today I feel like sharing my words of encouragement to all of you, my ladies out there who are doubting in their business, are on the edge of a breakthrough or wanting to give up thinking they are not good enough, too old (there will be a whole other post about it later!:), they don’t have what it takes, they can’t succeed because of their past blocks.. and so on, so on, so on…

As Tony Robbins said: “No matter what events may have happened to us: our biography does NOT equal our destiny”. YES! And I truly believe it! I spent 15+ years in the corporate world but few last years dreamed about my own business to use my creativity, have freedom, and meaningful influence using my gifts God granted me. Today I do it by using my coaching skills, words, and encouragement. WHY? Because I didn’t let my past define me, didn’t give up, kept on going no matter what others think, managed obstacles (still getting new ones!) and got rid of all stuff that didn’t serve me at all!

So, my dears, my message to you today is: if you want to build a meaningful business, I encourage you to give yourself permission to dream BIG, follow your heart, open up for good things to reveal to you and come up with a great strategy aligned with your desires because I am convinced that: If something is meant for you it WON’T pass you by!

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