Goal Setting Success Workshop

This training is for you if you:

*  try to plan and achieve some goals, but you do not know how to do it correctly, where to start
*  don’t want to waste time on goals that are not in line with your values or desires
*  want to take matters into your own hands

Join a group of ambitious women who want to achieve more,  create the right structure, be more effective and confident in executing their boldest goals!Let’s do this together!

During this training:

*  I will help you get through the process of setting and achieving goals, breaking it down into individual stages and simple steps that will help you achieve them
*  I will give you proven models, techniques and principles that I have been practicing myself for years successfully and thanks to which I help my clients make the same, and motivate them appropriately

Remember: “The one who has a clearly defined goal and an irresistible desire to achieve it wins”. Napoleon Hill

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