Finding a DRIVE!

Good morning! After having several conversations with wonderful women last week, I want to share with you the question I was asked that goes like: “Alena, how do you find a drive for all that you do?” Hm, coincidentally (or not?) I came across this quote that can be an excellent answer to the above question. I hope it can be of an inspiration to some of you!

‘If you are rested, if your mind is in peace, and if you are full of love and compassion if you come from being and then feeling, and then self-reflection, then things will synchronically fall into place. That’s how nature functions. Like the seed. In every seed is the promise of thousands of forests. HARBAM means that you have unique gifts. Focus on the gifts. Don’t focus on weaknesses, because there are other people who will complement your weaknesses, and you will complement theirs. You recognize the gift when you are expressing yourself in that unique way, giving out your gifts, and you lose track of time.’ Deepak Chopra

That’s what I am trying to do, my dear! You can see me quite often in a park, having ‘ME time’, practising morning routines of walking, gratitude, devotional, meditation and meeting a close group of loving & inspirational close to my heart people to exchange my ideas with. It’s not always easy as we are all busy and have a tendency to focus on our deficiencies, failures, inadequacy, and so on.

But I allow myself to be vulnerable, explore, change and act despite fear.

In this way, I build confidence in what I’m doing (and confidence is the decision to try!). And with that comes the joy and flow! What I also find a killer is a fact that we compare ourselves to others. And the comparison is a big trap! Simplifying starts with removing comparison from your life! That helps you stay grounded, modest and gives you a chance to focus on yourself and what you truly want.
So, allow yourself to seek the purest expression of yourself because you are unique! Not just speaking the truth, but being your truth. Set your course and allow life to carry you. Give yourself space to focus on your next right choice. And yes, you will get lots of distractions (I get them every day!!), make tons of mistakes, but by being your truth, you will keep the right course!! 

I want to share this particular quote by Oprah Winfrey, which is a quintessence of all the above:
“Nourish what makes you feel confident, connected, contented. An opportunity will rise to meet you”. 

And how do you find a drive for all that you do? Share with us here!

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