EUROPEAN WOMEN in TECHNOLOGY Conference – ‘Break the Habits Holding you Back from Moving to the Next Level’

I feel blessed with this 2-day conference (28/29 November 2018) European Women in Technology in Amsterdam where over 3000 women gathered together to share, support, learn and inspire! It was a wonderful experience to interact with so many female ambitious go-getters and lead two workshops ‘Break the Habits Holding You Back from Moving to the Next Level’ for about 120 ladies, give some career advice and be a part of a documentary being made by a wonderful French film director!

I was entirely in my element & hearing that it was an enormous added value for a lot of ladies, lining up to say THANK YOU, was the confirmation that my work is meaningful and needs to be continued! I wish I had more time, there was so much more I wanted to share. But it was great fun & to do that I had to get out of my comfort zone! I love what I do, and yes, women rock!!! I’m looking forward to serving some of them in their companies!

The below is a short video capturing some highlights from the conference:

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