EUROPEAN WOMEN IN TECHNOLOGY Conference, Amsterdam 26-27 November – Unlock Successful Leadership With Authentic Communication

European Women in Technology – the biggest Tech and Diversity conference on the continent! It was a truly amazing experience-4000 attendees sharing their knowledge on various topics, and supporting each other! I joined some plenary sessions and workshops on e.g. personal branding, AI and it was mind-blowing! I was honoured to run my workshop ‘Unlock successful leadership with authentic communication’. Speaking in front of big audiences can be super stressful because it’s difficult to assess the impact you might have had (or not). So thank you to everyone who reached out to tell me how valuable it was – it’s precious recognition of my work! EMPOWERED WOMEN EMPOWER WOMEN! Thanks to Mia Roberts, for the invite, to all people I met, connected & had fun with and learned from! I’m truly humbled. Some friendships and collaborations were just formed and food for thought was taken home.  Looking forward to the 2020 edition! 

I gave the presentation on ‘Unlock Successful Leadership With Authentic Communication’. More than 150 ladies attended and I have a privilege to share the below content: 

Why do we listen to some people but not others? In our ‘always-on’ world, leadership is not only changing – but it’s becoming more challenging. Only by connecting with others and bringing them with us, can we really be a successful leader. In this fast-paced and highly practical workshop, the experts reveal how to feel confident, reach your ultimate goals and accelerate your leadership skills – all through the power of authentic communication.

Key takeaways:

• Evaluate how leadership is changing – then make yourself futureproof
• The power of storytelling and your personal narrative
• Speaking to be heard – no matter how hard it gets
• Connecting with your audience to make them feel – as well as think
• Being the best version of you, to achieve your goals

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