Claim Your Achievements

In the recent conference, European Women in Technology where I was one of the speakers I saw a lot of women in my workshop raising hands saying that they are hesitant to claim their achievements. Well, that was not a surprise for me at all.

We, as women, have a tendency to talking up others – putting ‚I’ in a team firstly, demonstrating collegiality and assuming that others will do the same for us (leaving us very often frustrated as people, in general, have their “own agenda” and don’t always think about us). We turn spotlight into other people, but we should remember that talking about our achievements is NOT self-centered or self-serving but simply a sign we are ready to rise!

I’ve seen it over and over again that women, incl. often my clients!) being approached with a challenging job opportunity, very often express doubts: „ I have never held a position like this before, so I’m not sure if my qualifications are an exact match” contrary to men who just go for it! I was there too until I understood that I’m my primary product and believing in what I have to offer is essential!!

My dear, not speaking about the value of what you do, sends a message to the world “I don’t put much value on it”. So, why should anyone else value it?

And if it is difficult to claim your achievements ask yourself a question: WHY it matters for me to get ahead?

Sounds familiar? Suffering from that and don’t know how to break this habit? Don’t hesitate to schedule a complimentary call to discuss it.

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